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Is vaccination really necessary?

Well, yes it is. Leukaemia Virus is still a big killer in unprotected cats, and Parvovirus (canine and feline) and Distemper in dogs are still around, waiting for us to drop our guard. It is also said you are never more than 10ft from a rat - the major carrier of Leptospirosis, which will infect unprotected dogs.

Having said that, is it the most important point of the annual pilgrimage to the vet? Well, funnily enough, possibly not. Equally important, maybe even more than the dreaded needle, is the clinical examination that precedes it. Many people regard one calendar year to be equivalent to 7 "dog years" and 6 "cat years". A lot can happen to your pet, therefore, in what can appear to us to be a relatively short time, so the annual health check becomes a very important aspect of the procedure, and, we think, should be part of an ongoing health program throughout the year.

With this in mind, we have developed a number of Health Plans that not only provide for a thorough annual appraisal and clinical examination by our highly experienced nursing and veterinary team, but access to a selection of free Nurse clinics to monitor such things as weight, and dental health, throughout the rest of the year.

Also included in these health plans, to make sure your pet is healthy inside and out, is a comprehensive parasite control program against the common parasites that your pet is likely to encounter.

Oh yes, and that all important needle!

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