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Free Nurse Clinics

Senior Pet Health Clinics

 As our pets grow older they’re far more likely to suffer from a variety of medical conditions Inc, obesity, arthritis and behavioural problems.

Our senior clinics are designed to help identify any possible existing problems as well as give you the knowledge to identify developing problems. For example many people believe that a reduced exercise tolerance or reluctance to play is just a part of growing older, when really your pet may be suffering from arthritis and be experiencing some discomfort.

When your pet comes in to the senior clinic we will ask you to complete a detailed questionnaire which will help us identify any problem areas. Your pet will then have a nurse examination which as well as covering a weight and body condition score will also cover a dental check, eyes ears and skin, checking for any lumps. You will also be offered the opportunity to have a full wellness profile done for your pet which includes blood and urine tests all at a special senior rate.

Once your pet has received their health check a Nurse will discuss any diet and lifestyle changes required. They will then refer you and your pet on to the Veterinary Surgeon for further investigation and treatment if required or arrange a follow up appointment to continue monitoring your pet’s progress.

We have now incorporated these checks, along with routine vaccination and parasite control programs and routine blood tests into a range of Senior Health Plans. These also entitle your pet to discounts on a variety of routine procedures, for example dental work, that are particularly common in our senior pets, together with some breed specific checks for conditions that may appear in later life.

Adolescent clinics

Adolescent clinics are for both dogs and cats and are the ideal opportunity for a nurses to pick upon any training or behavioural problems you may be experiencing from your pet.

This is an important time in your dog’s life and nurses will offer advice on how to deal with your dog if they are behaving like an unruly teenager. It may just be that you need to reinforce commands taught during puppyhood or it may be that both you and your dog need to re-establish your position with each other Either way this will take time and patience but our nursing team will help put you on the right track so that you and your pet can restore the balance.

Cat behaviour problems can be a real challenge however by discussing and tackling them as early as possible you can make your life, plus the life of your cat much more enjoyable. Don't forget that changing your cat's behaviour usually comes down to patience and being consistent.

Adolescent clinics have been designed not only to deal with training and behavioural problems but will also cover topics such as diet, dental management, parasite control and neutering.

It is important to remember that animal behaviour problems can often stem from an underlying medical condition and should a nurse suspect this, they will automatically refer you on to a Veterinary Surgeon.



Pet Dental Health Clinics

 We all know the importance of looking after our teeth and the same applies to your pet. Up to 60% of pets will have dental problems therefore your pets teeth should be checked on a regular basis! Our dental clinic not only offers a dental examination by a nurse but offers advice on how to clean your pets teeth and explains which types of food and treats are best to feed in order to help maintain healthy teeth and gums.

By far the most common problem is gum disease, which infects and destroys the teeth sockets causing otherwise healthy teeth to be lost. Gum disease occurs when plaque hardens and forms calculus which attracts further plaque. This in turn can lead to inflamation of the gums (gingivitis) and surrounding tissue area (periodontis). Should a nurse discover evidence to suggest a dental problem is either evident or beginning they will immediately recommend further examination by a veterinary surgeon who will advise you of the appropriate treatment.

Prevention is better than cure so remember your pet will benefit from regular brushing, oral dental chews and regular dental checks with one of our nurses.

Dental Clinics are free and are open to both cats and dogs so why not show your pet you care and book an apointment today.

Weigh Club

Weight Clinics

 We strongly advise that before starting your pet on any weight loss programme you have him/ her assessed by a vet or veterinary nurse. From this you will not only learn what the ideal weight is for your pet and how this can be achieved but it will also help identify any underlying health issues  such as  a heart condition or diabetes that may be attributed to your pet being overweight. Currently some 40-50% of pets in the UK are thought to be overweight with as many as 20% being dangerously overweight! 

Our nurse lead clinics are designed to reduce your pet's weight in manageable chunks. At the beginning of the programme you will be given a Weight Record Chart where the progress of your pets weight loss will be recorded at each visit. Special low calorie diets are used, and the nurses who take the clinics are specially trained in their use. You will be given advice on what to feed how much and when. Your pet's weight loss will be monitored every step of the way as they are gently guided towards their ideal weight. For dogs advise will be given on a suitable exercise regime which will be determined by their age and lifestyle requirements.

Once your pet has reached his /her ideal weight our nursing team will continue to monitor their diet and exercise on a regular basis. This will ensure that your pet continues to benefit from being fit and healthy during all stages of their life. 

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