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The various types of imaging that we use are an important diagnostic tool in many companion animal conditions.

The primary image we usually reach for is the Xray, or radiograph. Either in plain form, or used with various contrast media, such as barium, or even plain air, it gives us a snapshot, not only of bone tissue, but abdominal and thoracic organs as well.

Recently re-equipped with digital xray equipment, we can now get a digital xray picture on screen in seconds. This can be manipulated to improve readability, stored on our central server, and displayed on any computer screen in the practice.

Ultrasound also has an increasing role in our diagnostic armoury. We now have a machine which allows for variable sound frequency probes, and colour Doppler imaging. This is most useful in diagnosis of many heart conditions, as it allows us to see the direction of blood flow and even tissue movement in real time.

We are also using ultrasound increasingly for ultrasound guided biopsy and other procedures, enabling accurate tissue sampling of abdominal, and occasionally thoracic structures without having to resort to major surgery.

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